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Courtesy NBC Sports (

Tyler Reddick wins Xfinity Series opener at Daytona in overtime finish

Tyler Reddick beat teammate Elliott Sadler in a photo finish on the fifth overtime attempt.

"Just my humble opinion "

It is time to either limit the # of "overtime" re-starts (2-3 seems good), or END IT ALTOGETHER ! (I'd prefer that!)

All these overtime attempts usually lead to more damaged race cars, and INCREASES the chances of injuries to the drivers , and possibly the crew members , AND ... the fans !
" Just my humble opinion ? "

We shall see



Courtesy Amanda Vincent
(Thanks Amanda !)

What does Stewart-Ward case judge's decision mean for racing in general?

{ Very well written article.  I'm curious to see how this affects all the other racetracks around the country too.



Congratulations to the 2017 MENCS Champion ! My man from Mayetta / Stafford Twp., NJ. Martin Truex Jr. !!!

{ Hey ! Martin is from New Jersey ! I'm from New Jersey !  I watched him win in the modified division @ Wall Stadium Speedway !

Plus it's my website ! So ...I'm boasting !!!! LOL !!!!

 Joe }

(11/16/17) (corrected 11/29/17 )

Courtesy (

 Drivers with multiple Monster Energy Series titles

{ I hate this era of something akin to "political correctness" !

 To this date, there has only been 0 ! NONE ! No one who has ever won a Monster Energy Cup title !

 All of the championships came under the Grand National , Winston Cup, Nextel, and Sprint Cup banners !

 I wish the world would stop being so "politically correct" !

 Remember the sports history, and use the titles that the various drivers won  under !

 "Just my humble opinion "

  Joe " 


Courtesy NBC Sports


Bowyer wants more short tracks in NASCAR
NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer pleads for more short tracks in the league and reveals which track he wants to win the most

{  I agree with Clint, and I'm sure we're not alone.

 I think the best way to bring in more fans, young, and old , is short tracks.

 " Just my humble opinion" ? Probably not

  Joe }


Personal note.

Starting tomorrow, 9/26/17, I will do my darndest to limit, or even avoid posting any political articles relating to NASCAR !

I'm working this website, just for you folks to read the news, and have some fun doing it.

The politically charged furor of the last few days, has made me sick, and angry.

I'm already sick enough, and angry enough from other personal / health issues . So I don't need anymore of this.

I cannot quarantee that I will completely avoid that garbage. But I will , at least, tone it down.




Courtesy USA ( 

{ I agree with you Dale ! 100%!
 Joe }


Courtesy NBC Sports

Kasey Kahne out at Hendrick Motorsports after this season

Brickyard 400 winner is without a ride for 2018.

{ My little "crystal ball" thinks Kasey will be driving for Stewart-Haas Racing next year. Possibly in the 10 car.

 But I've been wrong before !

 Joe }

(10/21/17 ---update / belated update. Kasey Kahne is going to drive the 95 car for LFR, not the 10 for SHR as my cracked crystal ball had thought !!!)

Courtesy NBC Sports

Kyle Busch calls NASCAR’s restrictions on Cup drivers in other series ‘frustrating’
Kyle Busch tells SiriusXM NASCAR Radio that should NASCAR ever bar him from running any Truck races, 'you will no longer see Kyle Busch Motorsports.'

{ I like this new rule. It should help some of the other drivers in the Xfinity , and Truck series , get some more exposure to the fans, sponsors, and Tv. So I think this rule is necessary.

 But that's "just my humble opinion"

 Or is it just my opinion ?



My motto always is , and always will be  "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TRACK !"

Doesn't matter if it's a big track, small track, mid-sized track, Dirt, Paved, Concrete ,  Oval, road course, drag strip , indoor / outdoor ,or hill climb. Any day of the week. Anywhere in NJ., Pa., De., NY., Ca., Fl., or anywhere across the USA ! North America, and the world !

Without your support. These tracks  won't survive, and grow.

We simply have lost way to many of these tracks in the past, and continue to lose them.

So grab your seat cushions. Your coolers. Your relatives and friends , and go to your fan friendly tracks, and enjoy the races !

I am certain that this is not "Just my humble opinion"



Courtesy NBC Sports

 Kevin Harvick: Current state of Truck Series schedule ‘makes me mad’

Kevin Harvick, a 14-time Truck winner, believes the Truck Series schedule needs to be tailored to reach grassroots fans. 

{ I agree with Kevin .

 When the Truck Series started ,there was a lot more fan .  family friendly, short tracks on that schedule.

 It's time to go back to that kind of schedule.

 Evidently...not "Just my humble opinion"

 Joe }


Is it time to start taking away race wins ?

I think so .



No. 22 penalized after victory

Courtesy NBC Sports


 Ryan: Time for ‘encumbered’ to exit . . . and maybe take wins? Thoughts on Joey Logano penalty      

Should NASCAR begin taking away wins after penalties such as those this week?

I think it's time to stop the b.s. with the term "encumbered" ,and actually take away the wins, along with the points

" Just my humble opinion " ?



" Just my humble opinion" : the new NASCAR competition rules changes ."

Update ... It is my understanding now ,  that "The Chase" , while somewhat altered (added to ), will remain this year.

I still remain adamant on my opinions of Brian France. Mike Helton, and etc.,etc., etc. ! So I will not retract my statement of 1/25/16.

I'm just stating what I now, know.

I made a mistake. My apologies .



" Just my humble opinion" : the new NASCAR competition rules changes .

While I think the changes should be okay . I do dread what the 2 additional cautions per race is likely to bring . Remember ? "Cautions breed cautions"

Where I disagree very strongly is the scrapping of " The Chase "

That format, with the elimination races , over the last few years , was just fine.

It should've been LEFT IN TACT !!!!

Also, I have lowered my personal view of Brian France, Mike Helton, and all of the drivers (current, and retired) and announcers who constantly kiss NASCAR's butts, saying, basically " This is great !"

" Just my  humble opinion" ?



Courtesy FOX Sports ( 

NASCAR needs a spurt of new superstars to make racing fun

{ On a personal note. I think NASCAR already has them.  Elliott, Larson, the Dillon brothers, Blaney, Byron, Custer , etc. etc. Just to name a few. AND ... don't forget : Logano, Keselowski, and Kyle Busch, are all 30 or younger ,and winning races & titles .

The future of NASCAR is looking pretty good to me.

 Just my humble opinion

Joe }


Courtesy FOX Sports ( 

Should Dale Earnhardt Jr. sit out the rest of the season?

{ I'm thinking the same thing. Perhaps it is best that Dale Jr. sit out the rest of this season .Get back to good health, and come back in time for speedweeks , in February , at Daytona, 2017.
 Health is always more important than driving a race car !
  It appears that this is not "just my humble opinion"
 Joe }


Courtesy NBC Sports

 NASCAR executive hints at rule change to address victory celebrations

NASCAR's Steve O'Donnell suggests a rule change is coming soon in comments on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

{ Hey NASCAR ! Do the fans like this stuff ? Do they cheer wildly for the burnouts & the victory celebrations ?

 The answer, quite simply is ...YES they do !

 Leave these celebrations alone NASCAR ! Unless you want to lose more fans !

 "Just my humble opinion"

 Joe }


Courtesy FOX Sports ( 

Stewart doesn't rule out Sprint Cup or XFINITY cars on dirt at Eldora

{ I like this ! "Go for it" Tony ! "Go for it !"

 Joe }


Courtesy FOX (  

NASCAR makes rules changes to qualifying and Chase procedures

{ Just what we don't need anymore of. More rule changes. No wonder the big time racing, NASCAR tracks are gaining more, and more, empty seats !  There are other factors involved . But rule changes are one of the key issues .

 " Just my humble opinion" ?

 Joe }


NASCAR fines Darrell Wallace Jr.

{ Hey Darrell ! You ought to know better ! Never criticize NASCAR , even if you are right, and they are wrong !

 Joe }


I have come to the conclusion that NBC stands for : Nothing But Commercials !
  Did they actually concentrate on the Sprint Cup  race @ Daytona ?  Especially over the last 20-30 laps .
 It didn't seem that way
I came home from a great night of racing @ Wall Stadium Speedway , and turned on the Pepsi 400 @ Daytona, on NBC.

Instead , I got inundated by commercials .

That makes me angry !


 "Just my Humble opinion"

Courtesy Sporting ( 


'nuff said from me !
Joe }


Courtesy NBC Sports

Sprint Cup Drivers Council delivers message to NASCAR on Tony Stewart fine

Denny Hamlin said: 'Sometimes you just want to say what you feel, and we feel you should able to do that at times.

NASCAR to ‘re-evaluate’ policy on lug nuts after drivers raise questions

Said Scott Miller, NASCAR vice president of competition: 'The teams are obviously pushing harder than they ever have in this...     

{ I wonder how long it will take for Brian France,and NASCAR to finally admit that they "have egg on their face" !

 Many kudo's to Tony Stewart for focusing on this matter , and to the Drivers Council for backing him up on this .

 This certainly is not " just my humble opinion"

 Joe } 


Courtesy The Stock Car Gazette
 (Thanks Heather !):
Fort Worth Star Telegram
NASCAR driver Carl Edwards visits with Zach Marquardt, a crew member of Ricky Stenhouse Jr., during the Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor 
{I I loved this ! AND ... I agree 100% !

We do need Jesus , or someone  like him , in the White House !

Joe } 



Bernie Ecclestone says drivers were wrong to raise objections about F1's governance because they are selfish and only care about "taking money out of the sport".

{ A statement like this would probably lead to open rebellion in NASCAR. Where the drivers, and owners have  a lot of "say" in the "governance" of NASCAR .

  "Just my humble opinion"



Courtesy USA ( 

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Please note that the hit counter for this site has recycled many , many times ,over the life cycle of this website !

Born on date  11/14/08
Now for the reason for creating this site
This site was created by me because of frustations with other internet service providers, and is for the use of anyone who's interested in anything about NASCAR. 
  However,over time I hope to add other auto racing news,from other auto racing series / venues ,in the hopes of having something here for everyone to enjoy.
Now for a little bit about me ,
I'm Joe,from New Jersey. I've lived in the Garden State for most of my life.  It's also where I've been fighting,to get a major NASCAR track built somewhere in the NYC/NJ area for many years now.
I am also "foot soldier" / bill collector for the electric company.So I do work days. Therefore the best time to check for any updates is after 8 pm,on weeknights.  But just about any time on weekends !!!
My favorite current driver : KASEY KAHNE
I'm also a fan of :Martin Truex Jr. ( Hey ! He's a "Jersey Guy" !!! I was rooting for him since I first saw him racing .and winning,as a 17 year old,in the modified division at Wall Stadium ( now known as Wall Speedway ) !!!
My favorite all time driver : "Awesome Bill From Dawsonville" ... BILL ELLIOTT !!!
Needless to say .My favorite car owner is fellow "Jersey Guy"...Ray Evernham
My favorite NASCAR Track : Dover
My favorite local tracks : Wall Speedway (paved),and New Egypt Speedway (dirt)
My favorite actors/actresses : Tom Hanks, John Wayne,Kiefer Sutherland ,Catherine Zeta-Jones,Rene Zellweiger
My Favorite movies : Star Wars ( all 6 of them),
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Zorro (especially the Antonio Banderas ones !)
Batman ( the ones with Michael Keaton,and Christian Bale ! The rest of them...blech ! Sorry Adam West ! I used to like the old "campy" BATMAN tv shows. But then I grew up !)
Favorite TV shows :
MASH !!!


24 !!!  & House !, & Fringe !!! , &  Terra Nova ! , & Alcatraz ! 
24: Live Another Day !!!
Almost Human
Sleepy Hollow  !!!   The Following
Person of Interest
& Bones !
(Always,and forever !!!)


Law and Order : SVU



Designated Survivor  &

24: Legacy

& New for 2017  : The Good Doctor, Gifted,  Seal Team, and The Long Road Home .
Favorite all time master sleuth :
Sherlock Holmes !
(as portrayed by Jeremy Brett !)
Favorite Comedy Routine :
"Who's on First ? "
Needless to say my favorite comedy team is ....
Abbott & Costello !!!
My other interests other than NASCAR :
My family
The New York Yankees ( I was BORN a Yankee fan !!!)
The New York Giants
The New Jersey / now Brooklyn Nets
The New York Knicks
The Hawthorne Caballeros "all age" & Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps
The Golden Knights Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps
The Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni Drun & Bugle Corps
The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps (formerly of Garfield NJ.Now they currently are based in Allentown,Pa.)
Do I give you the impression that I also love Drum & Bugle Corps? I could go on with the many corps that I really enjoy !
I was a snare drummer in high school !
I truly hope that you enjoy visiting my site. I also hope that you will come back often,and that you tell your friends & family about it.
As I type this ( Nov.25,2006). My current 1/24 scale NASCAR diecast car collection is @ 175 + cars !!!
Personal note from me. ( AKA Site disclaimer...or something like that ! )
If you see something here that you would like to use on your website / newsletter / whatever. Please feel free to do so.
I do ask that you give credit where credit is due ( as I do here). Please indicate something  (somewhere / somehow ),that you got it from this website.
Thank You,

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